Currently a Junior at the University of Michigan. Born and raised in the suburbs outside Cleveland, Ohio.  Communications Major, Writing Minor.  Just a few basic statements that define me in the most basic from.


Yet there is so much more to a person besides their basic definition. One’s appearance, hometown, profession, current location, age, university, or even interests are just some of the things that make a person who they are. As a quiet person growing up, I often used my writing to help define who I was other than how people viewed me from the basics.

My portfolio is a reflection of both myself and my writing, and how the two intertwine. I have included many pieces I have written throughout my career at University of Michigan, including many pieces from various writing, English, and Communications Classes I have taken. I tried to divide these works into different tabs entitled “Writing Minor Pieces,” which are specific projects I worked on in my gateway Writing Minor Course, “Communications Writing,” which features specific selected pieces that focus on media and perspective from all of my Communications concentrated courses, “Argumentative Essays,” which includes works from 3 specific essays I wrote with extensive research to back my main argument, “Literary Analysis Papers,” which are a selection of pieces from various English courses where I analyze specific literary texts, and finally the section “My Blogging,” which will take you to direct links to 2 different blogs sites I have written for and contributed to with my specific entries. Since I am a Communications major and Writing minor, my two blogs, and essentially all my writing reflect those common themes. Additionally, since I have a strong passion for reading and have a Communications emphasis in the English Field, I thought it was important to incorporate those papers as well. Happy reading!

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